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We have been building 3D models of famous landmarks. For homework, we also had to research 5 interesting MATHS facts about each landmark. Below is a picture of these:


Some interesting facts about our landmarks:

Jack - the Statue of Liberty is 152 feet tall and weighs 225 tonnes.

Ben - 200 million people have visited the Eiffel since its construction in 1989.

Emily-Jade - the Sydney Opera House has about 3000 events every year with audiences up of to 2 million people.

Leon - the Great Wall of China is 7.5 metres tall and approximately 4.5 metres thick.

Emilly - the Sky Tower weighs 21 million kilograms and is 40 storeys high.

Connor - the De Otter Windmill in Holland is 2.8 metres tall and 19.5 metres wide.

Sofia - the Colloseum in Rome was completed in 80AD and it seated 50 000 people.

Tom - the London Tower Bridge had 432 construction workers and took 8 years to build.

Abby - the Pyramids of Egypt are 146 metres high and cover 25 609 square metres.

Jacqui – the Taj Mahal cost 32 million rupees (approx. $621 239) to build.

Thomas B. – the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt could be seen up to 56 kilometres away.